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cheesy occasion – clever move by Puma

In the week of the cheesiest holiday ever – St. Valentine’s Day, most brands try to profit from all people who have fallen crazily in love and are willing to spend heaps on gifts for the beloved ones. And although I am against the whole Valentine’s day hassle, I devote this post to Puma and their clever campaigns.

Every year it turns out that there is a football game on the night of Valentine’s Day and for many guys I can imagine  that the dilemma between watching the game with friends and lots of beer or rather spending the night with their soulmates can be very heart breaking. This is where Puma got it right and launched the “Hard Chorus” campaign back in 2010. View full article »

As much as I adore my profession and all its perks, I am not a fan of the direction which alcohol ads took some time ago. Browsing through an “independent” Style Paper which is being distributed for free and features just a couple of ads, I stumbled across an eye-catching one-A3-page-ad of Bombay Sapphire. The scan below is just half of the print:Bombay Sapphire: Infused with Imagination

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It is the middle of February, 2012 – the year which is speculated to be crucial for the existence of the Earth. The topic is still hot and many have started seriously considering the “approaching end of the world” thanks to many factors – one of them being the American “2012” movie which came out 3 years ago. [sarcastically enough, I am always thankful for the American imagination and ability to influence the whole world with their great pieces of art]

What bothers me more is the wrong message that is circulating in the media and the society about the climate of the planet. Even today, I attended a guest lecture during which the topic about “global warming” was brought up [no need to repeat how hot the green movements are].

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viral – rapid online circulation of an image, video, or piece of information

There is no need to say that the use of viral marketing has led to many success stories as well as some pure failures. After observing and analysing some of these stories, I have come up with a personal list of what should be done and what should be avoided during viral marketing. View full article »

Recently Durex received huge media coverage due to an outrageous tweet posted by Durex South Africa (@DurexSA). The company is known for its jokes and openness but this time they got it all wrong.

A couple of weeks ago a disgraceful tweet was released in the twittersphere and for no surprise it was not welcomed at all! Using the hashtag #DurexJoke the world’s largest condom manufacturer shares provocative jokes which are often tasteless and rather offensive. This time their tweet touched a painful for South Africa topic – women’s rights. It is no secret that the country has many issues regarding that matter and a company like Durex should be aware of this fact. View full article »

The [have-it-now] generation

Aren’t we spoiled? Expecting everything to work with one single click may seem like a luxury to many others who did not grow up with the advantages of the world wide web, the online shopping, networking and sharing. But for the need-to-have-it-right-now generation that’s a day to day expectation.

I often catch myself losing my patience when I do not get through a webpage in less than a fraction of the second! For example, this post is inspired by Twitter and its support issues that recently started bugging me. Being not able to send my tweets and making me refresh the page without the issue being resolved is not what I expect from the largest news sharing micro blogging platform… View full article »

ambitions? what’s that…

ambition - /amˈbɪʃ(ə)n/ – a strong desire to do or achieve something

Just a month left to 2012.

By repeating it I hope I will finally feel that yet another year of my life has passed – a year full of adventures, new experiences and people, a lot of work – hard work, good amounts of fun, and all that reflects the happy wishes you usually receive the very first minute of the new year! View full article »

In the wake of this day, for a company to survive it is crucial to have strong online presence. The more the brand works on its awareness, the bigger the reach. For small businesses and start-ups the cheapest way to provoke any call for action or just enhance knowledge is through Google Adwords.

The giant, which vision is to organise world’s information, make it universally accessible and useful, has offered the world a chance to advertise and get noticed with the means of keywords. Google Adwords provides everyone the possibility to create an ad no matter your budget or size of organisation.

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Creating a personal ad on Google was done in three easy steps – headline and description; keywords and billing. Well, I didn’t really go through the billing process as that wasn’t the purpose of my experiment.

As a soon-to-be-graduate, I have started working towards my bright future by testing various tools and practices. The most recent one is Google Adwords and its efficiency in personal branding. The first step I took was to decide on an appropriate headline and description of my ad. View full article »


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